Lauren Conrad has answered your hair and beauty prayers

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LC and her glam team; The Beauty Department

Don’t you just love it when celebs interact with their fans?

Reality star, author and up and coming fashion designer Lauren ‘LC’ Conrad has never been one to sit around as fans of The Hills who watched her fulfil her fashion dreams every week on MTV already know. 

Now fans can get more of her online in the form of her beauty department.  Think style tips, make up do’s and don’ts, hair tips and ideas for never ending versatility and the wow factor that will have you admired by others.

“Growing up, I never really learned how to do my hair and makeup correctly and the results weren’t always great”, LC admitted in her media release.

“Our goal with The Beauty Department is to provide girls and young women with a basic how-to of simplified versions of popular trends and styles that they can recreate themselves.”

With step by steps and guide videos to help, the website is easy to follow and will have you feeling confident and loving your image thanks to LC and her team in no time.

Lauren’s team has been with her for many years so if she trusts them, you can trust them to help you towards achieving the look you want right? 

It is hairstylist Kristin Ess and makeup artist Amy Nadine who Lauren lists as her beauty saviours, following bad times using fashion magazines as her source for glamming up.

Thank your lucky stars for her and her glam team then hey?  Why not try visiting and letting us know what you think?  You can also get your questions posted on the site and sit back and wait for the girls to get back to you.  Has it been a help to you or will you be sticking with your fashion magazines?

Image Source: peoplestylewatch

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