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shopskinnyIf you’re anything like me, the world of skincare can be a scary, confusing place, so much so that the end goal of having beautiful skin seems impossible! There are so many combinations of  skin problems you can have and so many products that promise the world and end up being just a disappointment and a waste of money, and it can be overwhelming.

That is why up-and-coming  site is destined to be my new skincare heaven. So much more than a sample site, ShopTheSkinny’s one and only concern is beauty. Once you become a member (for free!), products are recommended for you based on problem areas and your skin types. You are also given access to educational videos for each brand and most products, which is what I am loving most about this site. This is especially helpful if you suffer from acne, are pregnant, or if like me you’re a skincare newbie with lots of questions! All the answers are in one place, and together with the personalised recommendations, planning a skincare routine is a snap.

The products on offer at ShopTheSkinny are luxurious brands such as Perricone MD and Organic Apoteke,  at up to 75% off the retail price! These brands are well-known for their effectiveness and there are many other quality brands  to discover. You will also receive one email per week about upcoming sales, which is tailored to your skincare recommendations so you’re always kept in the loop.

The first sales are in October, but if you sign up today, you will be entered to win a concentrated anti-aging treatment by spa experts Bliss, worth $70. If that wasn’t enough incentive, if you invite your friends you will get 20% off your first purchase! ShopTheSkinny is doing a fantastic job of breaking down the difficulty many people have in understanding what skincare is right for them and by making such great brands accessible even on a budget, the goal of having beautiful skin seems possible.

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