Puma Social Celebrates the ‘After Hours Athlete’: Are You One?

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A new athlete has evolved…and no we’re not talking about the calories counting, treadmill burning one…but the ‘after hours athlete’. The ‘after hours athlete’, created by Puma Social, reminds us that we are all athletes, even if running for a 5am cab ride is equivalent to a 5am run jog in the park.

Check out Puma’s latest video as we see our ping pong playing, darts throwing ‘after hours athlete’ in action…

More about Puma Social…

Puma Social is positioning itself as a lifestyle rather than a product. Long gone are those days when you would associate Puma’s with trainers or sportswear. Instead Puma expands its line of products to include things such as t-shirts and ping pong paddles. Last summer, PUMA unveiled the Chalk ping pong table, a modern update to the conventional ping pong table that features a write-on ceramic chalk surface. The Chalk table was designed by designed by Aruliden for PUMA.

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