Armani creates upcoming tour pieces for Gaga

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When you’re a celeb, your requests are likely to be met right?  Well that’s certainly the case where Lady Gaga is concerned.  With her Monster Ball Tour set for future months, the eccentric pop star has called on designer Giorgio Armani to produce her outfits.

You need something special for a global tour don’t you?  And after the success of the Italian fashionista making her look for the Grammy’s, the two plan to maintain their relationship for just that little bit longer.

Armani told People’s Style Watch that he was delighted to have been able to contribute to both the clothes and accessory that made Lady Gaga’s appearances complete.

“Her energy, eccentricity and her extraordinary interpretative talent come oImage Source: peoplesstylewatch.comver at their very best in a live context.”

The look Armani is going for is a structured mirrored mini dress inspired piece, which will also be coupled with pyramid like headpiece and glasses. Right up Gaga’s street then.

We’ll have to wait until the 2011 tour to see the final products.

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