Guys Need Designer Jeans Too!

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Us girls have enough pairs of jeans to see us through the year, with special designer brands for special occasions, so why shouldn’t our men have some designer jeans too?

Republic’s selection of designer jeans are so in fashion that you’re guy might even outshine you in the fashion stakes. Here’s our favourite jeans for a casual everyday look and a smarter alternative.

Voi jeans are a popular designer brand available at Republic. The Sherringham Jeans, £54.90, are comfortable and stylish, with extra zip pockets for things like wallets and phones. The ruched leg means that you’ll have plenty of space to move around and teamed with a pair of flat training shoes, they’re great for a casual everyday look.

If you’re looking for a smarter alternative but don’t want to be stuck in black, shapeless trousers, the Firetrap Zephyr Patch Classic Jeans, £55.00, will look great with one of the stores smart shirts and teamed with a pair of smart black shoes, they will not only look stylish but are comfortable too.

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