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When a fashion accessory is steeped in history, it makes it all the more interesting. Cameo necklaces were first popular in 1804 when the Emperor of France revived their fashionable status. They were then made popular again by Queen Victoria and they would be traditionally carved on shell or stone, often featuring patterns such as flowers or a women’s profile, decorated with a fine metal such as gold.

The vintage Grecian Goddess Cameo necklace displayed left comes from Rock ‘n Rose at just £14.

This statement piece of jewellery is being revived once again in the British highstreet in time for Spring 2010, when the outfits become more feminine and supporting of the Cameo.

Young starlets such as Pixie Lott and La Roux have been spotted wearing cameo necklaces, proving that they aren’t just for the old lady in you. It is well worth scurrying through your grannies jewellery box or your local vintage shop for a true piece of Cameo jewellery, you can also try trusty auction website Ebay for some vintage pieces, but don’t fret if you can’t get your hands on an original piece as the highstreet stores are well and truely stocked up with the stuff that is just as glamorous and is selling for great prices.

The necklaces look great with dainty feminine outfits, giving it a vintage edge and there are so many different styles and colours to choose from, including Cameo rings and even earrings.

This Pink Neon Cameo Pearl necklace from Miss Selfridge also has a rhinestone effect to it and is just £5, down from £20.

Accessory giants Monsoon/Accessorize have this charming and feminine Cameo pendant necklace, also for just £5. You could even mistake it for a Vintage find.

This Black Cream Rose Cameo necklace from has a black resin background and is set in a large metal locket which means you can store two photographs inside. The website has a whole range of Cameo necklaces to choose from at prices starting from £9.99.

We’re sure the trend will be revived in the future so it is well worth keeping old of your accessories for when your grandchildren start scurrying through your jewellery boxes.

Images from, Miss Selfridge, Monsoon,

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  • Shrimati Lakshmi Somatti Balram

    I absolutely love the classic cameo as a necklace! Cameo and pearls make a perfect combination. There are rings as well and broaches at a decent price if you are in London’s Covent Garden. Prior to moving to London, I picked up a ring and necklace set at Nordstrom’s and a classic Grecian goddess ring. I have not gotten a necklace version as yet but I have paired one of my classic Grecian goddess cameo with pearls. This had a classic look of high elegance. The great thing is that you can pearl earrings for a full effect. I have tried the look with scarves and made a simple black dress look like a whole new piece dress by just adding a Grecian goddess cameo (black and white) in the center of my bust and pairing it with a roped gold necklace. Both pieces were from Monsoon. The final effect was a Grecian/Victorian look that had a modern look perfect for clubbing and a great way to make an old dress new (ironic since I added an old-fashioned piece). I really liked the contrast. The cameo necklace paired and contrasted with current street trends looks really fabulous. The cameo makes a great present for anyone at any age. In a bit of a role reversal, I got a cameo for my great aunt for Christmas. It may be too much but cameo bracelets sound like the next step in this fashion trend.