Kim Kardashian in Baby Weight Loss Battle

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Kim Kardashian won’t be seen in public until she has lost her baby weight – a source has revealed.

It seems that in the world of celebrity, image dominates over everything. Instead of taking her baby out, visiting family members or generally having a life, Kim Kardashian is instead confining herself to the house until she loses enough weight to be happy to be seen in public.

Pregnant Kim Kardashian Lunches With A Friend

A maternity outfit Kim received nasty comments about.

After suffering through a pregnancy during which snide comments were constantly made about her weight, appearance and maternity wardrobe, is it even Kim’s fault she feels so controlled by her body image?

The new mother has been keeping to a routine of a healthy diet, moderate exercise as well as breastfeeding, which is all helping her towards her target weight goal. Apparently she has already lost 30 pounds, but won’t be happy until she loses another 30 more.

Is Kim right to be this self conscious, or is she taking it too far?

In the world of celebrity it isn’t abnormal to be expected to ping back to a before svelte body, almost as if nothing happened, erasing any sign that a pregnancy ever occurred. Kate Middleton is already rumoured to be on a strict regime to get her body back, supermodel and Victoria’s Secret Angel Miranda Kerr walked the runway in skimpy lingerie seven months after giving birth.

Miranda Kerr & Son Flynn Out Shopping In New York City

Miranda Kerr looking slim with her young toddler.

"Beyonce: Life Is But A Dream" New York Premiere

 Beyonce got her svelte figure back soon after having her first baby.

With celebrity mums expected to look constantly good in a whole new maternity wardrobe, is losing weight so quickly after giving birth just one step too far?

I say give the ladies a break, and maybe then they won’t have to feel so ashamed of their bodies enough to take such drastic measures!

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