Our Favourite Doll: Barbie Gets a Fashion Makeover

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The iconic doll Barbie is being designed a whole new fashionable wardrobe by three emerging fashion designers and will be showcased in her new ensembles in a dedicated new Barbie space in Selfridges.

The designer labels who will be working on a miniature scale are Fred Butler, Nasir Mazhar and Sister by Sibling, three emerging London labels.

Sister by Sibling’s designs feature knitted prim skirts and dresses with cute hats and quirky prints with a Parisian vibe, tres chic:

barbie 1

Fred Butler’s designs are a little crazier, with structured, colourful and metallic dresses that are eccentric to say the least. Very Lady Gaga

barbie 2Nasir Mazhar’s designs are edgy and futuristic with a street coolness. All the tiny waistbands are branded as well.


Is it really fair for Barbie to have a better wardrobe than the rest of us?

Barbie’s new outfits will mark the opening of the dedicated Barbie space within Selfridges new Toy Shop on the fourth floor. Shoppers will also be able to purchase special collector’s dolls from throughout history.

“In opening a concept space for toys, there couldn’t be a more perfect partner than Barbie, whose fashion credentials outstrip most of her human counterparts,” said Erin Moscow, head of accessories and childrenswear at the store. “The creative starting points for the department were icons in the marketplace, and naturally Barbie was the name on everyone’s lips. These one-off dolls are something truly special, and a testament to how relevant and pioneering Barbie continues to be.”

The Barbie brand has also collaborated with Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Burberry and Prada. I know, definitely not fair.

What do you think of these designs for Barbie?

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