Kate Middleton’s Breastfeeding Wardrobe: Get the Look!

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Kate Middleton has been spotted out and about wearing a first glimpse of her post-natal wardrobe, featuring a practical but elegant design from brand Seraphine. Can you believe the dress has already sold out!

As the Duchess of Cambridge and wife to the Prince of Wales, Kate Middleton comes under media scrutiny for every aspect of her life and style, not least her pregnancy wardrobe, and now that she’s over the milestone birth of her son, the breastfeeding wardrobe is already being analysed.

Kate has been adding styles of dresses and tops to her wardrobe that help the nursing mother with breastfeeding. The Duchess is a fan of maternity brand Seraphine, whose styles are great for “breastfeeding in discreet style.”

Pregnant Kate Middleton Visits Hope House

Above: A pregnant Duchess showcasing her love for the practical wrap dress.

The best thing about the brand are that they aren’t frumpy and classically ‘mumsy’, but are chic and stylish as well as practical: perfect for a mum on the go who doesn’t want to lose her personal sense of style.

Kate was famously spotted in Seraphine’s Blossom Knot Front Lavender Dress when she left London for her family home in Bucklebury on July 24.It would appear that maternity wear has not changed the opinion of Kate’s fashion following as the dress instantly sold out, proving her status as a style icon.


Above: The sold out wrap from Seraphine that dress Kate was spotted in.

In addition to her lovely floral maternity dress, Kate has also “ordered a couple of breastfeeding styles,” says Cecile Renaud from Seraphine.

With this in mind we’ve created a post-pregnancy outfit for the ‘yummy mummy’ of the moment, all intended for comfort and practicality after having a baby:



Above: Our practical but stylish outfit for Kate.

Outfit: All Seraphine



Changing Bag

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