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All you long haired lovelies know the feeling: the suns beating down and you’re sunning yourself, trying to ignore the trickle of sweat gathering underneath your hairline as your curtain of hair shrouds you in heat. So you take a dip in the pool to cool off, and when you emerge your hair is knotted and tangled, and you practically lose the comb in there trying to sort it out. Ah the perils that come with long hair; maybe it’s time to go for the chop this summer?

Short hair cuts definitely have their benefits in summer, being much cooler in the heat and easier to maintain. The last thing you want to be doing when it’s hot is using the hair dryer and straightners trying to sort your mane out. Also, shorter haircuts aren’t what they used to be in the days of the pudding bowl, they can be chic, sophisticated, feminine and fun, and a great way to change up your look.

If you’re a bit stuck for ideas then look no further, and take some inspiration from these celebrity hairstyles.

1. Pixie Crop – Emma Watson

Sexy And Short Haired Emma Watson In Town For Harry Potter Premiere

Emma Watson is the Queen of the pixie crop, using it to dramatically redefine her image after the Harry Potter films. She looks feminine with the gamine look and can also wear it slicked down for glamorous evening look. This style can also be quiffed in the style of Halle Berry to change it up.

2. Buzz Cut and Crop – Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus Visits ITV Studios

Miley Cyrus grabbed headlines with her new haircut, shaking off the shackled of her childish image once and for all. The buzz cut at the side is very dramatic and will definitely get attention, but it is also not to be undertaken lightly. It takes a lot of up-keep and is difficult to grow out, but it does look very cool while it lasts.

3. Glamorous Bob – January Jones

The Metropolitan Opera Gala Premiere Of Jules Massenet's Manon

In-keeping with her 1950’s Mad Men character, January Jones sports a retro and very glamorous bob, pulled over to one side in a dramatic side parting. The asymmetric style also adds a little twist to the classic bob. This style with also keep you cool in summer, and can be quite easy to maintain, suiting both straight and curly styles.

4. Swept Up Bun – Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens Arriving At Her Hotel In Ischia

If going for the chop isn’t quite your style, or you can’t bear to lose the hair you laboured to grow, this is the summer hairstyle for you. Vanessa Hudgens champions the laid back, bohemian look, with her long curls pulled back off her face and neck into a high bun on the top of her head. She pulls a few strands out to frame her fame and keep the look feminine instead of harsh. The perfect compromise.

Celebrity Shot Hairstyles

What hairstyle will you be championing this summer?  Which out of the four celebrity looks is your favourite? 

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