Lily Cole Designs Amazonian Jewellery for StylistPick

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Lily Cole, who is best known for modelling and acting has decided to venture into jewellery designing. She will be creating a line of pendants, rings and bracelets for online shoe retailer Stylist Pick.

Lily Cole Jewellery

The jewellery will be made from Amazonian wild rubber.  The wild rubber idea originated after she was offered to visit Brazil to experience wild rubber tapping. The idea then transpired into her creating a jewellery collection using this raw material. The aim of this new venture doesn’t only have a design stance to it but also a deeper meaning. Using raw materials from the Amazonian forest will assist the native people a trade solution as opposed to an aid to help global climate issues.

“For me, the collection is a metaphor of what is possible. I hope we can use the material in many other products in the future,” she told Vogue. “Jewellery is also a good way of communicating the value and delicacy of the rainforest it represents. Wearing it against skin can connect us with a place and a dialogue that is seemingly far away.”

Lily Cole Jewellery

Lily Cole wasn’t only involved in the last stages of the design process (something which a lot of celebrities do). Instead she was involved from the initial rubber tapping through to final production.

The look and feel of the jewellery has been initiated from an old pendant that Lily Cole owns from Africa, which has a prayer inside it. She wanted to adopt the same feature into her own jewellery. So therefore the rubber itself would be the prayer, giving you a story behind the jewellery itself.

We have had sneaky peak on the stylistpick website and found that all of the items at the moment are out o stock. However we’re not surprised as the collection is gorgeous and certainly pieces which you are likely to cherish as not only do they have a ethical stance behind it but the pieces are timeless and can be worn dressed up or down.

What do you think of Lily Cole’s new jewellery collection?  Love or hate

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