David Beckham Retiring: Career as a Fashion Designer?

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David Beckham has announced that he will be retiring from football after 20 years. Although Beckham, 38, signed a five-month deal at Paris St-Germain in January he decided that it is now time to bow out of football. However, what does the future hold for David Beckham?  Rumours are that he could start fashion designing like his wife Victoria Beckham?  Read on…


Before all you football fans start causing a riot, these are just rumours are there is speculation that he might start football coaching.  However, unlike many footballers out there, David Beckham’s post football career doesn’t only have to be confined to the football pitch.  Instead, rumours are that David Beckham might venture into the fashion world. He is certainly not a stranger to style and fashion and is now classed a successful style icon.

He hasn’t always made the headlines for his fabulous style though. Remember the sarongs, the braided hair? Ridiculed by the fashion world and beyond, David Beckham managed to cement his stamp as an international style icon when he was awarded the ultimate “metro sexual” by Salon Magazine in 2002.


Since then he launched his fragrance in 2005.  He did it with the company that also licenses his wife Victoria’s perfumes. The couple then started a joint fragrance line, Intimately Beckham, a year later and were paid $13.7 million.  As well as fragrances, he has modelled for famous brands such as Giorgio Armani and Adidas and more recently started his underwear line with H&M.

With such a vast array of fashion credentials under his belt should David Beckham follow the same career as his wife Victoria Beckham who is a respected fashion designer? Her designs have been worn by famous celebrities such as Olivia Palmero and Cheryl Cole. As well as owning her own fashion brand, she has designed exclusively for Net-a-Porter.


David Beckham is certainly not a stranger to fashion and style.  Wherever he goes, he looks amazing!  Apart for his good looks David Beckham has style and charisma, which makes every man envious.  He looks great whether he is causally shopping with his children and wife or dressed for a red carpet event.

He may have been ridiculed for his fashion sense in the past, he is never afraid to try something different and that what sets him apart from other male icons.  He hasn’t been born into fashion but taken steps to ensure that he has is seen as a male style icon in his own right.

His 10 year old son is following in footsteps also and has already modelled for the likes of Burberry, so will David Beckham pursue a career as a fashion designer for the male genere.  There is certainly a massive market especially as men are become more and more concious with their appearance.  I think the fashion world needs a designer who is will appeal to the every day man.  A man not born into fashion but who has embraced it.

What do you think?  Should David Beckham follow the root as fashion designer or should he stick to football?  Let us know what you think on our Facebook poll today!

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