Kate Middleton’s Weight Loss Is the Reason for Rise in Anorexia?

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Kate Middleton has been known for her style and since her tour of America most people in the US love her! However, the love for the Duchess of Cambridge has been taken to a new level as it has been revealed that she has become a ‘role model’ on various US websites which promote the eating disorder, anorexia.

Kate Middleton: UK Size 4

Kate Middleton: UK Size 10

It is clear that from her university days, Kate has lost weight by a couple of dress sizes and many people estimate that she is now a UK size 4, however it would appear that people using these pro-anorexia websites are using this as a way to justify their disorder.

Many of Kate’s family and friends have commented that Kate would be horrified that she is presented as a role model and the reason for her weight loss is due to her travelling and an more active social calendar. I can related to Kate because since my wedding I have lost weight. Not intentionally but because I have moved to another place, adjusting to married life can take its time and often changes in my lifestyle mean that I tend to lose weight very quickly.

Anorexia is a growing disorder amongst many people, however what is troubling is that there have been reports of children under the ages of 12 years suffering from the disorder. Eating Disorders Victoria said children aged seven, eight and nine had been admitted to hospital for treatment, including psychological care and help to gain weight.

So what is the rise in this growing culture to look thin? Well, many experts believe that celebrity models have a part to play. Pippa Middleton, Victoria Beckham and Mary-Kate Olsen are also cited as role models on these pro-anorexia sites however for younger anorexia sufferers experts say children are being bombarded with messages about looking good, are pressured to wear sexualised, adult-style clothing and see celebrity kids like Suri Cruise wearing high heels and lipstick.

Also a dieting culture and over-emphasis on the “obesity epidemic” had led to an unhealthy fixation on weight instead of being healthy.

What do you think of Kate Middleton’s weight loss? Do you think she should add some pounds or does she look great the way she is? Leave us your comments below or post your views on Facebook…

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