Top 4 Websites: Fashion’s Best Kept Secrets

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In these credit crunching times, it might be a little difficult to justify being able to flitter away your hard earned cash on a nice new bag or top, which is why the following websites will be your purse friendly saviours and help you stay fashionable.


Brand Alley

BRANDALLEY.CO.UK lets visitors sign up for a free membership where they are free to enjoy the luxuries of 80% off designer clothes, make up, shoes and homeware. Each sale lasts for a few days so the fashion hungry need to be fast but the rewards are tremendous.

Designer glasses for £29 anyone?

Upcoming events include sales of Women’s dresses, designer watches, mens grooming and lingerie and with Christmas just around the corner this is the perfect site to pick up some bargains. Introduce a friend and you can earn £10.



newReceptionLogoCOCOSA.COM is an invitation only website that offers members the chance to buy designer fashion at knock down prices in the exclusive sales. The sales only last for a limited period of 48 hours so you need to be quick.

The website has an experienced team of buyers that hand pick everything from designer clothing, bags, shoes and accessories.

If you’re interested in becoming a member of the website and can’t wait to be invited, then you can join the exclusive waiting list.



UntitledIf you’ve ever dreamed of owning a designed hangbag then HANDBAGHIREHQ.CO.UK is the website for you. There is no need to splash out thousands of pounds on designer handbags when you can hire bags from the likes of Dior, Balencia and Gucci, to name a few.

The bags available for hire are genuine designer bags and you can choose the length of time that you hire it for and it will be delivered to your door in 1 to 2 days.

The price of hiring a bag starts from £10 a week and can reach £30+ depending on the bag and if you just cant bare to part with it then you can find out about buying the bag permanently for an agreed price.




Diamonds are a girls best friend right? Well in that case, RENTYOURROCKS.COM will be high on your list of those you can turn to when you need cheering up.

Rent Your Rocks is the first website to offer visitors the chance to hire fabulous jewellery for celebrations such as weddings, parties or even premieres!

The website offers bridal jewellery aswell as party jewellery and a whole host of gorgeous pieces.  Necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings are the different pieces that are on offer and prices start from around £65 a week which is miles better than paying the full price in store.

The website is packed with pearls, sapphires and of course, diamonds and hiring is simple, you browse the collection and select the items you’re interested in hiring.



Why spend our hard earned cash on that one off designer goody when you can spend way over half the amount and have a different bag, dress or rock every single week. Websites such as these are steadily growing, soon there will be no need to stock our wardrobes with products when they can be posted to our door.


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