Twighlight Fans Excite: Exclusive Video of Bella and Edward’s Wedding Day!

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If you’re like me and are in love with anything to do with Twilight then there is no doubt you will be waiting for the next sequel to the Twilight movies, Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1.  With Bella accepting Edward’s proposal to marry him in the last movie, we will definitely be looking forward to a vampire vs human wedding between the two.

However, to give us a little teaser into what we can expect on their gorgeous wedding, MTV have released a 15 second teaser for Sunday’s big reveal.  It might only be 15 seconds but we tried to get as much juice from the video as possible to tell you a little bit more about it:

Bella’s Wedding Dress

In the video clip it shows that Bella’s wedding dress is has a fitted top, long sleeves, however not much else can be seen on the rest of the dress.  Will it be be flowy with a trail or something figure hugging?  If Bella’s style is anything to go by then we expect it to flowy, especially as she is expected to escape from those blood sucking vampires…sorry we don’t mean you Edward!

Bella’s Hair

It looks like Bella’s hair has been pulled back into a vintage style comb with blue and white crystals to secure her veil.  We don’t really know what to expect of her hair as we can’t really see her go for the pristine back comb look, instead we expect it to be in a messy up do, typical of Bella’s screen look.

Edward’s Suit

If it’s team Edward you’re rooting for then you won’t be disappointed.  Edward looks handsome and stylish in his black tuxedo sporting of course a calm and collected smile as he glimpses sight of Bella walking down the isle.

Check out the video yourself and judge for yourselves…

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