Brighten Up Your Home In The New Year

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Christmas has come and gone, so it’s time to throw out the tree, clean up the pine needles and start fresh. Once all the decorations are gone the home can start to feel a little empty and bleak, so this is the perfect time to go shopping of course! Make your home light and happy again to really give your place a ‘fresh start’ feel.

Go for big and bright this year. Make an impact with a piece of artwork that makes you feel like you’ve just walked miles in brisk, fresh air. This will certainly take the place of an old garland that will live in the attic until next Christmas. Laura Ashley have a great range of art wallhangings this year and this canvas one is by far one of the best.  £130 from Laura Ashley.

While we don’t suggest you change your whole room, it can be a good idea to spruce your living room up with a couple of bits. A great item around at the moment is the contrast table. It shows some wood and some colour at the same time, so you can actually match it with a lot of different items. This table has walnut veneer and white tempured glass is bursting with contemporary design and will look stunning and give life back to a dark room. £279 from Dwell.

Bring some actual light to your room with this gorgeous floor lamp. Standing tall and elegantly climbing out of the neck are a series of frosted glass flower petal shades, which are surrounded by leaves. With an antique brass finish it will bring something a bit different to your usual lighting needs. £99 from Littlewoods.

There’s something very ‘fresh’ about baking your own bread isn’t there? And even if you cheat, use a breadmaker…or even just pop to Tesco’s, you can now store it in a way that looks like your just whipped it up in the morning. With a cute floral design which luckily always seems to be in fashion it will give a bit of a famer’s kitchen feel to any home. £19 from Littlewoods.

Not all new additions have to be big, try this doorstop from Dollydagger. Modelled on a traditional London phone box, it beats the rubber wedged you still under your door and even the pile of books. With applique and ambroiderie it’s made full of quality, with ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ on each side to give that welcoming touch! £16.99 from Dollydagger.

Images from Dollydagger, Littlewoods, Dwell and Laura Ashely

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