The Best Festival Gadgets & Essentials This Summer

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With all of the festivals going on and coming up we thought it was about time to show you how not to give up your mobile. We’re not sure about you, but we couldn’t live without a few luxuries even when in a tent.

First off, you simply cannot live without your phone, it’s that simple. How else will you be able to twitpic and update your Facebook? Problem solved, invest in a FreeLoader Solar Charger, £29.95 from Firebox. No need for a mains as it gets all of its power from the sun, and even when it’s cloudy you can still get a good charge. Its internal battery will then power a mobile phone for up to 44 hours, an iPod for up to 18hours. once the FreeLoader’s charge is all gone just charge it up via the sun again or by USB.  It also comes with a lot of different adapters so can be used for many, many things.

Festival weather usually has rain in there somewhere, if not you’ll still be in a field so kit yourself out with some wellies! Check out these gorgeous violet gloss Hunter wellies for £49.99 from garden4less. Far better than all the boring green ones you find everywhere, and if you need festival wellies then they can really only be Hunter’s.

Hate buying all of the little bits and bobs you’ll need? Save time and effort and get the Ultimate Festival Kit (waterproof) from Play for £17.99. It includes : High quality PVC rain poncho, Glow stick, Key chain torch, Pack of tissues, 2 condoms, Sanitary hand gel, Rehydration drink mix, 1 pairs of earplugs, Luxury hand wipes, 2 SPF30 sunscreen wipes, Toothbrush & paste, Tin of UFK mints, Emergency blanket and mini first aid kit so you’ll never be caught out.

From previous experience I can personally tell you that lugging a heavy tent all the way to your pitch from the car is a nightmare. So the best way to go is a pop up tent! Forget trying to remember how to put up your dad’s old tent, the Moontent one goes up in seconds. All you need to do is peg it down and set up camp. Only really suitable for two, but it’s only £29.99 so if there’s more of you there’s no need to worry about forking out. The best thing is that when it is in it’s carry case it’ll fit in a normal sized shopping bad – result. Buy it now from Lazyboneuk.

Images from Garden4less, Lazyboneuk,, firebox

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