Jill-e Clutch Bag – Take Your Camera on Your Night Out!

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We all know that we can’t seem to go for a night out without snapping hundreds of pictures to plaster on facebook the next day. The only problem is that sometimes you can often ruin your camera by letting it roll around in your bag and not being too careful with your possessions when you’ve had a few…

So now comes one of the best little bags out there, it allows you to safely take your camera out whilst not comprimising on style. It has a great designer-esque feel about it and while the camera will take up a fair amount of space, you still have enough for your cards, lippy and keys.

“The Jill-e Clutch will be available this Summer, coming stocked with the silver chain for easy toting and removable Velcro strips on the inside so you can make room for other accessories. I know what you’re thinking: this specialty bag probably costs an arm and a leg. But guess what – the Jill-e Clutch will only set you back $25, which is the perfect price point for you frugal fashionistas.”

Don’t worry men! If your feeling left out then check out their Jack line.

Image from Geeksugar

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