Weekend Fashion Essentials from Gant

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To make casual dressing easier for the busy but fashion-conscious men and women out there, Gant have a range of weekend essentials which consist of easywear casuals as well as dressy everyday wear, making laid-back style a breeze. Gant have a reputation for the quality, value and timelessness of their clothing, and this is reflected in their Essentials Collection.

Online buys of the week include the pretty, preppy Argyle Slipover (pictured left), £65, which is perfect for an easy way to add a touch of relaxed sophistication to a simple weekend jeans-and-shirt look.

Also included is this Nylon Parka, £199, which manages to combine chic and elegant styling with a casual feel.

However, you don’t always want to look casual at the weekend, and Gant has you covered for glamorous looks too- check out this stunning Halter Neck Dress, £259. This dress is great as it is so versatile! It can be dressed up and worn for glam summer events, or even dressed down for a bit of everyday glamour. Gorgeous.

What are you waiting for? Get yourself to GantUK.com and pick yourself up a timeless classic that will last you for ages!

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  • Snita

    I love Gant! Pity there prices are slightly on the high side. What do you reckon their ‘high street’ equivalent would be??

  • Rori

    Hi Snita, thanks for the comment!
    I have to say, Gant’s quality makes the clothing worth every penny…however, I find that Gap has a similar, casual-American vibe going on , which is definitely worth checking out if you’re on a budget!
    Hope that helps :)