The Battery Charger That Helps You Get Fit!

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Now this may just look like an ordinary skipping rope to you, however look closer and you’ll see it is in fact a battery charger! 3C skipping rope designed by Jooyong Kim and Sungkyung Kim. All you have to do is pop in some of your rechargable batteries, click the cap, click the button to show what you want it to show on the screen, and start jumping!

The screen shows rope rotations, potential amount of calories burnt, the current battery charge level and an extra little bonus, a stopwatch so you can set your own time goals.  Once you’ve given your batteries a good charge then just pop them into whatever device you need the for and they’re good to go!

What’s great about this device is that you’re getting healthy and being eco-friendly at the same time with no need to plug into the mains.

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