Cara Delevingne: How to Get Cara’s Bushy Eyebrows Look #LookatThoseEyebrows

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The trend of the moment, thick, groomed eyebrows, was sparked by model of the moment Cara Delevingne, who sports the most lustrious pair of beauties on her brow. Not all of us are blessed with this, but follow a few of these tips and you could be on your way. We can’t promise modelling contracts, but a pair of eyebrows to be proud of is the next best thing.

Glamour Women Of The Year Awards 2013

The lady with the eyebrows perfect enough to send everyone into a frenzy over an eyebrow trend, Cara Delevigne, has tweeted vintage pictures of her grandmonther, who was also a model, with the hashtag “#lookatthoseeyebrows”. And it is clear where the similarities lie: striking features and strong brows does apparently a model make. Gone are the over-plucked atrocities of the nineties and we have shifted right over to the other side of the eyebrow spectrum. With the masses now pining for thicker, groomed eyebrows, most of us aren’t lucky enough to have them simply handed down through our genes. But, all is not lost, and those lustrous eyebrows could become yours with a little work

1. Promote Growth

Castor oil or coconut oil promote growth when rubbed onto the root of the hairs, put a little on a cotton bud and apply across the eyebrow area, you can even apply off of the eyebrows to encourage more growth. It’s also really affordable. Do this before bed as it can look greasy.

2.  Damage Limitation

I know when you see those stray hairs you’re hands are trembling over those tweezers, but when growing your eyebrows resist the urge to pluck away. Plucking discourages hair growth and prevents hair regeneration. The tendency to over-pluck once you get going is doing damage, so try and hold off apart from the odd stray hair.

3. Grooming

Once you have your set of thick, feathery brows, use eyebrow powder or pencil to define those bad boys. Work gently to colour the hairs and not the skin underneath, you want it look subtle, not clownish. Colour in the direction of hair growth and use an eyebrow brush to ensure the colour is even and groom them into shape.

Thick, groomed eyebrows help to define features and bring out those cheekbones, so take your eyebrows out on the town and strut your stuff. Okay so maybe you won’t look exactly like Cara, but you’re halfway there!

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