Amy Winehouse RIP: A Tribute to Her Fashion

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Sad news swept the world as it was announced that singer Amy Winehouse was pronounced dead on the 23rd of July 2011 (This Saturday).  Amy Winehouse was a singing sensation, and although she has been in the media spotlight for her drug abuse and alcoholism, it is undeniable that she had an amazing voice. Along with her an amazing voice, Amy bought her own inspirational sense of style and fashion.  Karl Lagerfeld described her as a “style icon”.

Her unique vintage inspired style is much loved by many in the fashion world. Amy bought us the beehive and the thick eyeliner so let’s take a look at in detail the singer’s style from her clothes to her make up…

Daytime Clothes

1.River Island Top £15 2. Farfetch Jeans $152
3. Modcloth Headband $15.99 4. Asos Headscarf $6.90
5.Styleboop Top $45 6. Nordstrom Shorts $45
7. The Trend Boutique Hoops $49 8. Amazon Hoops $99
9. Netaporter Necklace $150 10. Forzieri Shoes $147

For the daytime think skinny jeans and a funky t-shirt. If the weather is a little warmer then Amy was often seen wearing some jean shorts. Her footwear consisted of comfortable ballet flats and she accessorised with her signature gold chains and hoops.

Evening Wear Clothes

For the evening Amy definitely dressed up. Amy would wear bold and retro with a twist of 50’s chic. Her dresses were often figure hugging and she wasn’t afraid to show off a bit of cleavage. She was rarely seen at a party or an awards ceremony without her stiletto heels.

Make Up

One thing that springs to mind when it comes to Amy Winehouse makeup is her amazing cat eye makeup. When it comes to eyeliner I think practise makes perfect so if you haven’t worn eyeliner before then fear not as after a few shots and squiggles with the brush you liner can be just as perfect as hers. All you need to do is is first add a liner of eyeliner to the eyelid, then starting from the outer edges of your eyebrows draw a line down to the lashline using your iris at the end point to create the shape of the cats eye. To add that extra bit of glam, invest in some fake eyelashes to open up those eyes and add some red lipstick to those lips.


Love it or hate it, we think Amy Winehouse inspired the fashion world with her big her and over exaggerated beehive look. We would all like to think that Amy had a masses of hair to create her look or she spent endless hours teasing it, well the secret her look is hair piece. Just put a small hair piece in a hair net that is similar to your hair color, pin the netted hair piece onto the top of your head and use sections of your hair to cover the hairpiece, pinning it all together. Next add a little hairspray and, voila!

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