Kate Middleton’s Waistline is Slimmed on the Cover of Grazia Magazine! Perfection or Fakeness?

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We all know that Kate Middleton looked amazing on her wedding day. Her perfect hair, her perfect skin and her perfect figure is all we could think about on the wedding day. She was not only marrying the most eligible bachelor in the UK but she looked picture perfect making her the envy of many females across the globe.

Kate Middleton has always been know for her fantastic slim figure and I don’t think we have ever captured Kate on a fat day, however it would appear that the fashion magazine world does not share the same opinion.

Grazia magazine published a photo of Kate and Prince William on their wedding day, however it would appear they have doctored the original shot to give Kate Middleton a more slimmer waistline. It would seem that there has been some photoshopping involved between the line of Kate’s corset and the fabric of her Alexander McQueen skirt which shows that a few inches from the waist have been removed.

Grazia Magazine Cover: Kate Middleton


Kate Middleton and Prince William on their Wedding

Many believe that this could have just been a Photoshop error especially as from the original picture Prince William has been removed from the shot and Grazia may have accidentally slimmed down her waist when trying to replace her arm, which could mean it appears they have unintentionally tampered with her waistline.

However we think otherwise. Magazines have been long known for their impressive airbrushing techniques, however often a celebrity can look completely different to what they look in real life. Doctored pictures in magazines shows that we are living in a society which we aspire to have the perfect figure and face, however we know that this is impossible as supposed perfection is only found in magazines with hours of airbrushing.

This has already outraged certain people and many believe that Kate was already slim before her wedding, so to slim her waist even more portrays a negative image to people who aspire to be like icons such as Kate Middleton. It certainly makes me feel like I need to head to the gym after seeing Kate’s super slimmed down waistline.

Although we believe that this picture was deliberately doctored, Grazia’s spokesperson issued a statement which denied any alterations to the photo:
‘Grazia takes the issue of women’s body image very seriously. No changes whatsoever were made to the image of the Duchess with the purpose or effect of making her appear slimmer.
‘We removed the Duke, and the Duchess’ arm was adapted to complete the cover image.’
‘Sharp-eyed readers will also have noted that she didn’t leave the Abbey with a full-length Union flag behind her.
‘This is a deliberately stylised cover – but there were no alterations made at all to make her look slimmer.’

What do you think? Do you think Grazia’s actions were a mistake or deliberate? What are your feelings using imaging software to create the perfect human form? Do you think Grazia made the wrong move to alter the image even if it wasn’t deliberate? Leave your thoughts below…

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