Euromillionaire: Live a Life of Luxury and Endless Shopping Trips!

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Millionaires have a life of luxury. Swanky houses, luxurious holidays and all the shopping trips you can imagine. We could think of nothing better than hitting designer stores and shopping to our heart’s content.

So, while you’re still dreaming of Gucci bags and Chanel handbags, let us tell you about another class of millionaire. The Euromillionaire.

The Euromillionaire can enjoy their life to the very fullest, and can spend wild amounts of money without it even making a dent in their accounts. The new Euromillionaire promotional video from the National Lottery puts it all into perspective as they run around their very own island, complete with helicopters and glorious sunshines, playing paintball against ordinary millionaires.

Of course, the Euromillionaires come out on top, which you too can expect if you win the Euro Millions by taking part in the National Lottery draws.

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