Great USB Gadgets For The Home!

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Something to make everyone’s life a little bit easier is a great gadget, and there is nothing easier than a plug-in USB device to really help kit out your home, make your life simpler and to be honest, just be fun.

First one of my favourite ones out there is this USB oil diffuser from Avon. It’s the first of it’s kind that I’ve seen and seems like a brilliant idea. White and turquoise USB Diffuser, which emits a soothing mango and passionfruit scent when plugged into your computer’s USB port. It also comes with a passionfruit scent and right now it is £5 marked down from £7 so a total bargain.

Now it’s summer we can all get a bit hot sat by the computer all day so you’ll obviously be saved from this by a nice little fan. has this great desk fan that is thankfully a bit better than the little soft-bladed ones you see, this one is sure to push some cool air around.  Buy it for £7.99 and have a cool summer.

Hate having to re-enter your card details every single time you want to buy something online? Well now you don’t have to! With the Ultra-Secure SmartSwipe, Simply swipe your card like they used to before chip and pin and your details pop up saving you from having to type out several different codes several times. It also helps keep your details safe from phishing software so don’t worry, your information is protected before it even goes online! Snap one up today for £69.99 from Firebox.

Stress can be a horrible thing, and we can’t all afford a massage. So here is the next best thing, the Satzuma Massage Pod. Charged up via USB you can take it anywhere, keep it at the office or by the sofa for any time you need a bit of relation time.  Buy it for only £8.95 from Oceanblue Online.  Great for everywhere from your neck to the sole of your feet, you never need to worry about stress again.

Images from, Firebox, Oceanblue Online & Avon

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