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Best known for his cheeky, one liner tshirts, Henry Holland is now bringing his sense of style and fun to Debenhams. Influenced by 1980s colours, bright floral prints, polka dots and stripes, the collection is perfect for the summer months.

The collection has already landed in stores and is flying off the shelves. Talking about his collection, Holland said: “This is a very exciting development for the House of Holland brand. I’m thrilled to be on a roster with such esteemed names and to be working with such a great business partner as Debenhams”

Talking to Vogue, Henry said: “There are limitations on what you can do. For my collections, if I want to make a minx-style jumpsuit, I can – but for Debenhams you have to keep accessibility in mind. The collection is anchored by washed-out denim, leather and prints. It’s all about layering and wearing it in an adventurous way.”

The collection really shows of Holland’s wild side as there are so many different colours, patterns and cuts to choose from and the best thing about the collection is the price! Pieces are as cheap as £9 and the gorgeous floral tea dresses (below) have already been slashed in price to £27.

Unlike many designer/highstreet collaborations, this one doesn’t tend to stick to a certain style. Henry has designed a mish mash of pieces to suit everyones needs and each piece has a fashionable edge, reflecting it’s designers colourful personality. You can pick up dresses, shoes, shorts, tshirts and even accessories in the new collection at Debenhams.com

Images courtesy of Debenhams

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