Lily Cole Earns Honorary Degree…More Celebrity Brainiacs Revealed

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Twenty-five year old model Lily Cole has been awarded an honorary degree from Glasgow Caledonian University. This brings her total degree count to an impressive three; beauty and brains, some people get all the luck!


The honorary degree was awarded for Lily’s humanitarian and environmental work. The successful model turned her hand to this area through her social media website:, which encourages users to help each other in things as simple as providing recipes, encouraging people to donate bone marrow and teaching people to surf. A website which encourages people to generally be nice can’t be a bad thing. Lily is no stranger to receiving degrees, after graduating from Cambridge with a double degree in History of Art. Some people just have all the luck (not that we’re bitter or anything).

“I am honoured to have been offered this distinction by Glasgow Caledonian University, especially as I have great admiration for the work of Professor Yunus,” Cole told The Glasgow Evening Times. “I have set up several businesses as social businesses and I am a great believer that the power of business should be used for good.”

And Lily Cole isn’t the only celebrity to boast of brains as well as beauty.

Natalie Portman


Actress Natalie Portman graduated from Harvard with a degree in psychology in 2003. The year after Portman took graduate classes and in March 2006, she was a guest lecturer at a Columbia University course in terrorism and counterterrorism, where she spoke about her film V for Vendetta. A very clever lady indeed, and with an acting career under her belt too, Portman is stratospherically successful.

Emma Watson:


Another incredibly talented actress, Watson has attended Brown University in America as well as Oxford University in Britain, though she has had to postpone studies to work on film projects. Add this impressive feat to starring in hit films and being the face of Burberry and you have an impressive celeb CV on your hands.

So which out of three is your favourite brainy lady?  Let us know below or on Facebook or Twitter?

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