Sara’s First Baby Ugg Boots

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As some of you may know, nine months ago I became a mother! When I heard the news that I had given birth to a gorgeous baby girl, I was over the moon. My first thought was, is she healthy? And my second…well you guessed it…shopping for her first wardrobe. For the first few months my little bundle of joy, Sara was barely out of her babygros, however I was itching to go shopping and get her into ‘grown up’ clothes. Not the best thing for my husband’s wallet but I don’t think anyone can resist the gorgeous baby clothes out there at the moment.

With winter just around the corner it would seem that everyone is getting well equipped for the chilly weather. Celebrities such as, Kate Middleton was showing off her Reiss Winter coat last month so it was only right that a fashionista in the making, Sara, should do the same. I always think that a good pair of boots and coat is important to get you through the winter so my sister and I went shopping last week to search for these staple winter items.

Sara’s First Pair of Baby Uggs

Sara wears Ugg Boots from Schuh (£35), Coat from Zara(£25.99), Top from Zara (9.99), Shorts from Zara (£12.99), Tights from Zara (£5.99)

I must admit I am not the biggest fan when it comes to Ugg boots, probably because they look so chunky on my Twiggy like legs, however I fell in love when I saw these baby Uggs for Sara. With the tanned suede outers and the soft and cosy sheep skin inside they looked absolutely divine!

I was a little reluctant to buy them as they were £35 but I knew she would get her wear out of them. I decided to buy the smallest size which had plenty of growing room! They had the option of leopard print ones but the classic Uggs definitely looked cuter.  I bought Sara’s Uggs from Schuh for £35 however there are a few other retail outlets which offer them at the same price such as Very and Selfridges

Sara’s Winter Coat

Like I said before, a girl isn’t equipped for the winter unless she has a good winter coat! Sara is modelling her Uggs with her baby coat from Zara. Also made from suede material I loved the detail of the flower which completed the look of the coat. I think for a baby coat a hood is a must have as often Sara is reluctant to put her woolly hat on so as an alternative I have the hood.

Editor’s Tip: Baby clothes can be expensive especially at the rate in which they grow out of them so try and buy things which you can mix and match with and keep the staple items such as boots and coats in a neutral colour so it can easily be matched up again and again…

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  • Fashionlover

    I love this outfit so much! Congratulations in becoming a mother. You seem to have mastered the hang of dressing little Sara well! I will definitely be taking some tips!

  • Assima

    What a gorgeous baby girl! SO stylish- love those uggs, look so much cuter on little kids and that coat is just adorable with it! Style baby x