Ab Fab’s Patsy and Edina front the new Alexis Bittar campaign

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Since first airing over ten years ago, Absolutely Fabulous’ Edina Monsoon and Patsy Stone have continuously mocked the world of fashion, magazines and PR, but it seems that the industries have all taken it with a pinch of salt as they just wouldn’t be able to stay angry at the fabulous pair.

New York jewellery designer, Alexis Bittar cast the shows main characters in his Autumn/Winter 2012 latest advertising campaign. In their usual garish outfits, the British pair posed for photographer John Swannell in a series of images, showcasing the brands latest collection.

Talking about his choice of model, the designer told Vogue “I am a massive fan! From the first episode I inherited the word ‘sweetie’ for five years. “It got to the point where it was nauseating and I was forced to stop. I have a tremendous respect for their talent. I was beyond excited to meet and get to work with them. On set, it was one of those rare instances in my life where I was totally star struck.”

After the cameras turned off, Joanna Lumley, who plays the famous Patsy said: “Such a fabulous shoot in the glorious jewellery from Alexis; it was sensational and I am thrilled with the pieces I have from his generous talented hands. Patsy was transfixed by the quality and wants lots more forever. I hope the campaign rocks: I am a fan for life.”

It’s great to see a designer having fun with their advertising campaigns and what a pair to choose!

*Image courtesy of VogueUK

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