Pippa Middleton’s Hairstyle at the Royal Wedding

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Although the dress is important at a wedding, it is also crucial to get the hair right too.  We absolutely loved Kate Middleton’s hair at the Royal wedding and the fact that she did her own make up on the big day needs to be commended for.

Another featured person at the Royal wedding was Kate Middleton’s younger sister Pippa Middleton.  We have talked in great detail about her bridesmaid dress and her elegant emerald green dress for the reception, however we were also in awe of her hair.

Copy Pippa’s look by following the simple steps below but first make sure you have the right equipment to get the look!

1. Babyliss Hair Dryer
2. GHD Round Brush
3. Kenra Volumising Mousse
4. Loreal Heat Protecting Spray
5. Luxor Sectioning Clips
6. GHD Straightners
7. Babyliss Curling Tongs
8. Accessorize Flower Headpiece
9. Sunsilk Hairspray

Pippa Middleton’s Royal wedding hair was soft and natural and perfect for this type of event.  To show of her gorgeous brown locks  she opted for the youthful half up and half down style.  This look was great as it not only showcased her silky hair but also the hair was swept away from the face to show her pretty features.

So if you’re thinking of recreating Pippa Middleton’s look then you can easily do this by following the steps below

Hair Preparation:

  1. Make sure the hair is blow dried straight using a hair dryer and a rounded brush.  We recommend…Babyliss Hair Dryer and GHD Round Brush
  2. Start by adding volume and texture to you hair by using a volumising mousse and finishing with heat protecting spray onto your hair so that you can maintain the glossy hair.  We recommend…Kenra Volumising Mousse and Loreal Heat Protecting Spray

The Pippa Middleton Hair

  1. Separate front section of the hair by taking two inches of hair starting from the forehead and clip out of the way.  We recommened…Luxor Sectioning Clips
  2. The remaining back of the hair needs to be curled.  Using a curling iron (I often use my straightners), roll one inch vertical section of the hair all the way to the scalp and then release to give a bouncy curls.  Do this for the rest of the hair at the back.  We recommend…GHD Straightners and Babyliss Curling Tongs
  3. Do this again for the front section of the hair but remember to curl away from the face.
  4. Once complete get all the front section of the hair together and twist it, leaving your curly ends visible
  5. Use pins to securly fasten your hair into place and if you want you can add a flowered hair piece to the hair.  We recommend…Accessorize Flower Headpiece
  6. To ensure you hair stays in place, make sure you use some flexible hold hairspray to spray over hair.  We recommend Sunsilk Hairspray

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