YI Zip Earphones: Untangle the Music

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yi_earphones2Recently I have been making my regular trips to the gym to get rid of those unwanted pounds for the summer. A must-have gadget to keep me motivated during my workout has to be my iPod.

The other day I started my workout and took out my iPod and my headphones from my gym bag, only to find that untangling my headphones frustratingly required a workout in its own right!

yi_earphones4However, it would seem that designer Ji Woong has bought the music back to my ears. His latest invention called the YI Zip Earphones, are stylishly designed headphones which you can simply zip together when not in use to give you a tangle and hassle free future. As well as this it also comes with a volume control button just to add to its nifty design.

Now this is only in concept stage and there are no dates set yet for production however I can see this idea catching on amongst all of us beings who require a tangle free existence.

Source: Yanko Design

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  • http://www.wholesalediy.com tony

    Wow! you know, I don’t even care if the zip make it untangled, I would wear them just because they look AWSOME!!! you should make the zipper in different colour combinations, but one thing I’m worried about is the quality of the earphones, is it good?