AllSaints Basement Session Feature ‘Old Dog’ Steve Seasick

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What words spring to mind when we think of the clothing brand All Saints? Quirky, well-crafted clothing and not to mention if you’re wearing AllSaints your definitely part of the cool and urban chic gang! Well it looks as though AllSaints is looking to create a strong association with its brand and music as it hosts a fortnightly basement session to showcase some of the hottest and rawest musical talents either trying to make it big in the music industry or simple pioneers who have made it big but want to dabble in music again.

This week’s fortnightly session features, Seasick Steve, a well travelled, educated and likeable man with the stories, tattoos and music to prove it.

Steve is an American blues musician who is trying to bring raw music down to it’s grass roots with the use of his personalised guitar, constructed from cigar boxes which has not even one complete set of strings. Seasick’s aim is develop something which is unique and quirky relevant for today’s market.

So has he got what it takes to wow the audience with his voice, music and different looking and sounding instrument? Check it out and judge for yourselves…

The AllSaints Basement Sessions presents the very best in new music and culture, delivering exclusive live performances and insightful interviews.

Born 18 months ago from a long line of music heritage, AllSaints began recording in a warehouse space below their E1 London design studios.

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