T-Mobile Parking Ticket: Nasty Surprise Turns Nice!

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Often when you see a yellow sticker stamped on your car window, you know it can only mean one thing. You have got a parking ticket! Many of us will just accept and pay our dues and others will try and argue until they are black and blue with the traffic warden every excuse in the book to try and free themselves of the parking ticket.

Apart from breaking a heel, a parking ticket is one of the worst things which could absolutely ruin my day. I remember getting one not so long ago after I got to my car 1 minute late before the parking meter ran out. I forever cursed the parking warden who watched my car like a hawk before they pounced. Regrettably and although I would hate to admit it but the parking ticket was my fault.

Anyway, speaking of parking tickets, T-Mobile have released their latest video campaign which features traffic wardens dishing out ‘T-Mobile Parking Tickets’. Yes that’s right a parking ticket courtesy of T-Mobile. Confused much? Then check out the video below to add to the confusion..

T-Mobile are renowned when it comes to producing quirky videos which get everyone involved. Remember 350 people broke into a choreographed dance routine in London’s Liverpool Street Station for the shooting of their advertising campaign by T-Mobile a year ago? Well it looks like T-Mobile are back and getting the lovely public involved, by issuing drivers with a yellow parking ticket slapped on their car windscreens. We’re intrigued to see what it could be…Have you guessed it? Judging by the images at the start of article…it can only be a nice surprise right? I mean who in their right mind would be hugging a traffic warden when getting a ticket???

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