Turn Your Home Into A Romantic Valentine’s Paradise!

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Ah Valentines Day is just around that corner. While a lot of you may be going out for the big night, a lot of you will also be doing the big romantic night-in shabang at home. Make your home feel like a romantic haven with a few simple additions, it won’t take much and you can absorb yourself into total loved up bliss! Here’s the top 5 ideas to really make your Valentine’s Day special.

1. Glitter Heart Candles

One thing that simply cannot be missing from your night is tea candles. They’ve moved on from the plain white ones you get from the garage, they now come in all sorts of colours and shapes. These particular ones are red and pink, in the shape of hearts……and are covered in glitter! What more could you want for a romantic night. Coming in a pack of 20 you will have plenty to dot around, just make sure you can see them all the time! £4.75 from Paperchase.

2. Love Letters

Inject some retro style on your special night, and to be honest, they’re so fab you can keep them up for the rest of the year! These are recycled from a dress from the 1970s and stretched over wooden frames. Place them over the mantle piece, in a window or simply up on the wall for a very cute and kitsch feel. £40 from Hunkydoryhome.

3. Picnic Blanket For Two

Have a dinner for two picnic style on the floor. Pretend it’s summer, turn up the heating and enjoy each-other’s company. Ditch the egg sandwhiches and cook up something fancy or even get it delivered and enjoy indoors, without the bugs! A cute red fleece blanket with plaid pattern and even cute two placement design for two in the middle. £12.50 from Dolly Dagger.

4.  Le Creuset Heart Dish

Cook up something really special for the big night, let’s be honest, everything looks better shaped like a heart even if it’s just spag bol! You’ll feel like Nigella and it will always look professional served up in Le Creuset. So add some charm to your Valentine’s with this gorgeous dish in sexy red. £28 from Harts of Sur.

5. Love Lanterns

Really show off your love with sky lanterns! And we don’t meant the normal ones everyone littered the skies with at New Years, these ones are shaped like hearts so they’ll really stand out. Great for if you have something to celebrate or just want to do something fun after dinner, it’ll certainly be something new. £6.99 from Find Me A Gift.

Images from Find Me a Gift,  Harts of Sur, Dolly Dagger and hunkydoryhome, paperchase.

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