Tatty Devine launch SIM card accessories

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Who knew the SIM card was twenty years old? Thankfully, Tatty Devine were in on the celebrations and are collaborating with giffgaff on a range of avant-garde accessories, complete with working SIM cards.

It’s a fashion industry first and the exclusive range includes three SIM-centric designs, inspired by communication methods of old, including a traditional letter and envelope and a carrier pigeon, as well as a SIM-card key-ring.

A limited number of items have been produced and are already on sale at giffgaff.com as well as in Tatty Devine’s Brick Lane store in London.

The giffgaff carrier bluebird necklace, £20, was inspired by the age old communication method of carrier pidgeons, but of course, pidgeons aren’t that pretty, so a gorgeous bluebird does the job well.

The giffgaff chain-letter necklace, £26, takes it’s inspiration from letter communication. This necklace comes with a giffgaff SIM card, enabling you to get free calls and texts to your loved ones.

The SIM-ple keyring, £25, also comes with a giffgaff SIM card and means you’ll never lose your keys again.

Harriett Vine, owner of Tatty Devine said of the collaboration: “Who would have thought 20 years ago that, not only would we rely on the SIM card to make our world go round, but that we’d be wearing them on our person – we think it’s a really fun innovation and we’re really excited to be working with giffgaff. It was so refreshing to come across a new type of web 2.0 mobile company, which aligns perfectly with the Tatty Devine brand – a witty, off-beat brand that likes to make its customers feel special.”

*Images courtesy of FashionInsight

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